6/13/2022 – William Chatto

Jennifer was very knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. I felt she went out of her way to meet our needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a home or looking to sell.

6/13/2022 – Christine Gayoso

Jennifer was amazing to work with. She knows the area very well, and knew local ordinances etc to navigate. She is a great communicator and works well dealing with other agents, local company representatives, and ensuring that I as a buyer understood all my options.
She went above and beyond explaining things to me that were unique to the state and area that I was unaware of as an out of state buyer.
She was great at negotiating things for me and laying out the pros and cons of potential  homes we saw. She was easy to contact and was able to quickly go to and schedule showings on new listings.
I’m prety confident that I wouldn’t have been able to get such a great house in my preferred location without her. She understood what things were deal breakers for me and what things were flexible. I felt the entire time working with her that she had my best interests in mind.

6/13/2022 –Dallas Rines

The wife and I needed a bigger home so we reached out to Jenn. She helped us sell our home and then find a new one within a reasonable time frame. No complaints with how she did business. She worked to get us into every house we were interested in and got our offers in within no time at all.

6/23/2022 – Katie Hitch

Jennifer is a true gem. Her extensive knowledge and investigative skills are remarkable. She is extremely professional and cares about the individuals with whom she is working. I felt comfortable buying our house site unseen because of her attention to detail which far surpassed other realtors. I highly recommend her and feel very lucky to have found her.

8/4/2022 – christiamarie23

Jennifer was so helpful through this whole process! She made it seemless from start to finish. Any concerns and or questions I had were answered right away and with full knowledge. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to sell/buy a home.

8/12/2022 – Susan Ritchie

My experience with Jennifer was wonderful. I bought my house from another coast. She was always there to help me in anyway. I had many questions and some concerns. Jennifer made sure she got all my concerns addressed.. I will tell everyone I can to use her as an agent.

9/22/2022 – Jeb Bell

We were in need of an apartment for our son who wanted to live off campus. No rental properties were available. We felt Jennifer went out of her way to meet our needs and found us a house. She made it possible to get a home inspection completed and aided our mortgage company in securing an appraisal so we could close in record time! I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a home or looking to sell.

10/31/2022 – Scott G.

Jennifer is the reason I just bought a home in Bar Harbor. I had been looking, albeit passively, and Jennifer couldn't have been a beter realtor for me. My passive looking was met with the proper amount of contact and then when a house appeared that I liked she really helped make the deal happen. She's extremely well organized and tenacious. She's definitely someone you want on your side and someone you want in your life even after the sale has closed. I highly recommend her!

12/20/2022 – Chris Domenici

Jennifer was amazing! She was very friendly and very easy to work with. She went above and beyond to work with our loan officer to make sure everything went as smooth as possible! She also helped us to connect with all of the local utilities company’s in the area! Would highly recommend giving her a call for all your realty needs! She was able to help us close within 30 days of signing contract! She even did video walk throughs of all the houses we liked so we didn’t have to travel far to prospect potential houses!

1/2/2023 – Stacia Marcelynas

Jennifer went above and beyond to make buying our home in Maine easy and stress free. She was always one step ahead of us, and made us feel like we didn't have to worry about anything during the process of buying our home. She always had our best interest and clearly communicated everything to us. We plan to use her again with our other real estate endeavors. She is top notch.

1/2/2023 - joyfullyanduniquelymade

Jenn is AMAZING. She went above and beyond and is clearly commited to her work. Her approach is open, honest, and caring. I felt comfortable discussing my every need and concern with her and knew they'd all be met with responses and solutions I could trust. I highly recommend Jenn for your real estate needs!

3/20/2023 – Tim

I had a great experience working with Jennifer. I didn't know what I wanted, where I wanted to live, or what I was doing. She not only rolled with it all, she went above and beyond. She had excellent advice and a ton of know-how. As my buyer's broker, she saved me a good bit of money with her expertise and negotiating guidance.

4/12/2023 – pjc938

Jennifer was fantastic to work with! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Maine! I was living in Massachusets and searching for a condo/townhouse to make my permanent home in Maine. Jennifer was wonderful. She never hesitated to do the leg work for me. She went anywhere I had an interest and took me for video tours, which saved me hours and hours of travel time. For our first encounter, she took me for a video tour at 10:00am on New Year's Day! She was professional, friendly, responsive, and 100% commited to my interests and needs. She went out of her way to make my shopping experience easy and stress free (and successful!). You absolutely can't go wrong if you have Jennifer working with you!!!

4/23/2023 – Mark Thomas

If you are looking to sell, Jenn is THE person. Knowledgeable, experienced and has a solution for anything. I would highly recommend Jenn to sell your home.

6/18/2023 – Alexx Chase

Working with Jennifer was an incredible experience! She went above and beyond to help my fiance and I buy our first home. We had a large area we were looking in, and she helped us narrow down our options and find a home that exceeded our expectations. She took time to work closely with our lender to keep the process moving smoothly and was very open in her communication to us. Jennifer was dedicated to getting us the best home for our needs and was very helpful during negotiations and inspectioons. My fiance is a merchant mariner, so he was out to sea at the time of us submitting an offer and going under contract, and she was very accommodating to his limited schedule. We 100% recommend working with Jennifer to buy your next home! She was kind, caring, and very transparent throughout the whole process.

6/28/2023 – Mat and Kristen Riberiro

An absolute Pleasure to work with. Jennifer made our first home buying experience an incredibly easy process. She really knows her market and educated us about all the things we needed to know to make informed decisions. Jennifer handled any speed bumps that came up in the process like an absolute pro and helped us to do the same. Jennifer came to us through a recommendation of a friend that recently purchased a home with her help. They had a great experience and so did we! Jennifer is THE agent to use in this area (And Beyond!)

6/28/2023 – mat87280

Jennifer made the home buying process incredibly easy for my wife and I. Through her at length regional knowledge, extremely informative coaching and overall great personality buying a home was a very easy process for us. We have all heard the nightmares of buying homes these days but Jennifer came to us ready to work and help us make the best / most informed decisions that we could throughout the entire home buying process. Jennifer handled any speed bumps that came up like a true professional and helped us to understand and navigate them as well. I will forever be recommending Jennifer to anyone that will listen! Thanks Jennifer!!

10/1/2023 – Suzanne Zeliff

Jennifer is beyond amazing! I had a tricky, drawn out closing on a foreclosed house and her positive tenacity expedited the whole process. She goes above and beyond for her clients, even doing things and tasks that others should be doing just to keep things happy and progressing. Jennifer is also very well connected to various solid contractors which is always nice when buying a fixer-upper. I can not say enough good things about my experience. If you are searching for an agent, your search should end with her.

10/2/2023 – Allie Berry

Jennifer helped me navigate the process of buying my first home! As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and needed a lot of guidance and she was always there to help. She had recommendatioons and put me in contact with all the services I needed: loan officers, insurance, inspection, etc. I knew she always had my best interest in mind and helped me get the best deal and moved into to my new home quickly and efficiently! Above all that, she's just an awesome person and easy to work with!

As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Bucksport, Blue Hill, Ellsworth, Castine, Bar Harbor, Searsport, and in other local real estate markets.

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